Monday, February 16, 2009

This whore wants to kiss and tell!!!

Yes, you heard me right. I know it’s absolutely inviolable for someone in my profession to want to kiss and tell. It was born during my formative years, where talking about sex was simply unimaginable and sternly discouraged me from speaking about my sexuality or anything else that related to body. Even the appearance of my entirely natural menstrual cycle was shrouded in shame and mystery. What disturbs me most is while I emerge into this sexually free lifestyle I am seeing this common thread woven deeply through my generation. Most of my peers have not had much of a sex education and forged ahead aimlessly through life trying to figure it out. American culture has made sexual dialogue as taboo as public masturbation. Grievously to the point that we can’t even talk about it with those we are having sex with! Society has us bound and gagged in the back of the closet wearing only cement fishing waiters. We are hiding from our wives, boyfriends, mothers, law enforcement, friends, and each other. So I understand that this is a delicate topic that I plan on violating.

So please, before you go crazy about manic spouses, law enforcement, privacy of clients and all other major concerns. Let me say that not out to ruin anyone’s life… just have a little fun. I wish to have a dialogue that is innovative and inviting to everyone. Because truth be told, we are a cluster fuck of voyeurs! If we can’t participate we want video, pictures or gory details in that order. The Internet is filled with adult forum groups where clients using fictitious names tell their cyber buddies about all the hot sex they are having. It’s the same old locker room antics boys did in high school. The kiss and tell is already out there from the male perspective… I plan on giving you the female flavor.

It is my opinion that archaic religious dogma has turned the beauty of sexual intimacy into back room gossip. Prostitution or any form of sexual contact for pay has been outlawed and we have no one to talk to. Yet, if we are not allowed to talk about it or pay someone with experience to show us… where the hell does sexual education come from? Technology has progressed, knowledge has progressed, birth control and STD safety has progressed… but education has remained the same. The out dated message of “Don’t have sex or you’ll get gonorrea and die” no longer applies!

So this is a forum for consenting adults to have healthy dialogue about sex. Some of the forum will be used to review my amazing clients and friends who rock my world, duos (me and my sexy friends playing), toy reviews, sexual reeducation, male impotency, sexy pictures, HOT date suggestions for your sweetie and much…much…MORE!

So welcome one and all to the world of The Temple Whore.